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VOIP Service & Phone Systems

The Latest Voice Technology for your Business

Hosted Voice over IP

Eliminate the hassle and expense of owning and operating your own phone system. With Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP), simply connect your new office phones to your existing network—and access high-quality calling, advanced features, and easy management for one low monthly price.

As a provider of VoIP, we deliver the business phone you know and love in a straightforward system that just works—and is ready to start working now. 

Advanced Features

Get big-business features in a phone system that’s easy to use and right-sized for your company. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Auto Attendant 

  • Mobile Integration

  • Ring or “Hunt” Groups

  • Find Me/ Follow Me

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Call Recording

  • Call Conferencing

  • Holiday Routing

  • Call Center

  • Softphone Support

  • Centralized Device Management

No Contracts

Simplify your budget with predictable month-to-month plans. Our Voip Service does not require a long-term contractual commitment. 

Local Support

As your MSP, we are available to help you configure, install and manage your phone system. 

VOIP for business offers high-definition voice with dozens of customizable options to streamline communications and increase productivity. Easily manage all your users and features on one reliable platform. Discover how our advanced digital phone systems can improve your business!

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Fax to Email

  • Custom Greetings

  • Custom Messages

  • Custom Hold Music

  • Custom Schedules

  • Call Waiting & Forwarding

  • Call Hold & Routing

  • Call Recording & Reporting

  • Direct Inward Dialing

  • Whisper Function

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Transfer

  • Name/Extension Dialing

  • Custom Directory

  • Custom Ring Groups

  • Conference Bridge

  • Conferencing 

  • Hunt Groups

  • Toll Free Numbers

  • Unlimited Call Queue

  • Unlimited Auto Attendants

  • Find Me/Follow Me

  • Multiple Calls per Line

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